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Affi is a generally pretty quiet guy, because of the fact that he is ridiculously tall, a lot of people don't see him as someone who is able to warm up. He's very righteous and very analytical but it is this aspect of him that causes him to overthink things, and when he gives up, influences him to be horrendously naive. Book smart with the impression of being 'aloof', he's actually pretty stupid when things come into practice. He'll list you all the slang for drugs but he'll never be able to actually know when to refuse things. Affi strives to be a model student, wanting things to be done the best and obviously the quickest way possible. but he's also very obsessive-compulsive, if there is just one thing that won't fit he will redo the whole thing to make it work. don't even talk about homework around him, he'll be done before you've even started, but he also has strong morals, meaning that even if you're ridiculously close, he won't let you copy it. but once you get past his facade, he's pretty clumsy and generally a goofball. Affi will throw his fair share of punches and be in his fair share of fights along with insults. It's also interesting to know that he doesn't believe in a lot of the things that can't be absolutely proven, like Arceus or love.
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